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How We Help You

We help companies take control of their remote assets and improve customer satisfaction with real-time data.

Each brand of assets operate differently and can be a daunting task to drive all over the place to service and collect critical data.

We know GPS alone is not enough, there’s more to a business than just locating stuff. We have an award-winning solution that collects additional data like engine runtime, battery voltage, solar charge, fuel level, temperature, integrated video surveillance, motion etc. We give you better visibility into your business operations to help you make decisions based on SAFETY, PROFITS and the ENVIRONMENT.

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Our Core Industries


We work with rental companies, contractors and OEMs. You invest millions into your business and for less than .50 cents a day, you can save on fuel and increase safety with less vehicles on site.


Renewable, Oil & Gas and Mining companies use equipment in remote locations and for long periods of time. Remote monitoring allow your techs to be prepared.


With large fleet of trucks and other vehicles, we enable cities and other government institutions to easily locate and gather insights into best practice to save on fuel and labor.

Site Management

You have remote job sites? We make viewing those sites easy. Live video streaming in addition to asset tracking data on one platform.

It does not matter which industry you are in, you will spend millions to have the best products for your business. Therefore, your company will have many brands. But it does not mean you need to access multiple sites, work with multiple support teams, and pay multiple companies to collect data from your things. Our solution offers one dashboard, is hardware agnostic and can integrate with third party data.

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