Tracking Features

Advanced GPS Tracking

Construction employee monitoring worksite

RoviTracker allows companies and organizations to track a wide amount of data that can be used to save money, increase revenue, and improve worksite safety. Our asset GPS tracking system takes GPS tracking to the next level by monitoring a wide variety of different data, rather than just location tracking. Learn more about our advanced tracking features, below!

Bluetooth Capabilities

Our powerful Bluetooth capabilities are what makes us very unique in our industry. Our system uses industrial Bluetooth tags via a Bluetooth tag tracker that can be placed on a wide variety of assets with minimal cost. These Bluetooth tags are reported on by a minimum amount of gateways, which are able to track all tags within an 80m vicinity.

While other GPS tracking companies relegate their clients to tracking only high capital assets, our model enables our clients to track a wider amount of their operation. This increases visibility across an enterprise.

Maptrac GPS tracking screenshot

Maptrac GPS tracking screenshot

A major part of our software is Maptrac, which enables clients to actually view where their equipment and other assets are, in conjunction with various worksites. In addition to a location tracking system, clients can use Maptrac to check the status of their equipment. Maptrac also enables integration with geofencing, and allows users to draw their own virtual geographic boundaries, and do things like creating organizational categories, color codings, custom icons, and timestamp data.

Advanced Data Collection

Industrial light tower rental

Everything that we do at RoviTracker is based around being able to increase the   visibility of the people, places, and things that are central to a company’s operations. Because of this, we’ve worked hard to ensure that our Bluetooth capable system is able to track more than just the location of employees, equipment, and other assets. We track a wide variety of different types of data, including the following:

  • Fuel usage
  • Location tracking
  • Engine run time
  • Light usage
  • Battery voltage
  • Efficiency tracking
  • Employee safety
  • Video monitoring
  • Third party API integration
  • And more!

Learn More

RoviTracker offers comprehensive tracking solutions. As such, we are constantly helping our clients learn more about how to use our software and how our services can be better utilized. Check out our growing library of resources that detail how to use specific features within Maptrac that improve project management!

  • Fuel Integration (future page coming)
  • Repairs and Servicing (future page coming)
  • Automated Reporting (future page coming)
  • Geofence Integration (future page coming)
  • Site Management Tools (future page coming)

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Asset tracking software example If you are curious about Maptrac, or other components of our GPS tracking asset management software, and would like to learn more about its capabilities and pricing structure, then don’t hesitate to give us a call, today! Our friendly team is highly knowledgeable about the integration of our product in various fields, including construction, energy, government services, security, logistics, manufacturing, and equipment rentals.