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Answers to frequently asked questions about RoviTracker

Rovi Tracker is a web based application, used to track equipment you rent, cross-rent, or sell. It’s the tool that ties your business together.

Besides saving you time and money, it is simple and built by professionals in the heavy equipment and rental industry. Think over some of these questions and see if you can relate: Ever had to search for crucial paperwork and going through multiple file cabinets? What about calling a client to ask if they have one of your equipment? Have you used a white board where parts of it got erased or a magnet board that had the pieces mis-placed? I bet you know what it feels like to spend the weekend looking for an equipment. Features such as equipment monitoring integration, rental logistics which includes invoicing, equipment transfer between branches, automated price sheet, and equipment history log are some reasons to use a powerful tool like RoviTracker.

Unlike other equipment management software Rovitracker is web-based. Don’t worry whether it’ll work on a Mac or Windows computer. If you have internet access, its accessible. Rovitracker is flexible in that, it can be used to manage your equipment and locations only or if you are a rental company, it can be used as a full blown rental software. Rovitracker in not one dimensional, there is no need to access a completely different website to access monitoring data(fleet management), invoicing, equipment servicing. It beautifully integrates all of these features into one robust software.

We have monitoring hardware that may be purchased separately. This M2M (machine to machine) device is simple to install and can monitor: GPS location, cabinet temperature, speed of tow, fuel level percentage, lights on/off and run time, engine on/off and run time, altitude, current flow etc. and as stated is integrated into the Rovitracker suite.

Not a problem. The “Basic” plan is what you’ll need. This plan lets you manage your equipment and locations you move the equipment to and from.

It is a business that subleases. The business has inventory they do not own, and rents them out to their clients.

We have tailored RoviTracker for the light tower and heavy equipment industry, but it has a wide range of use.

The cost is based on the plan you choose, plan and pricing page.

Click sign up, it is FREE, our FREE plan allows you to enter unlimited equipment and manage your business details. Once you get the warm and fuzzy you may go to the corporate page and select the plan you want.

Choose what you need now. You can upgrade or downgrade at any time.

Yes, this is your username to your account.

Absolutely, and we let you control what you share with your client.

Only you can view your account unless you share your username and password.

We encourage you to contact us. Please share your thoughts with us by clicking here.

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