Data Collection

Management Suite

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$0per month for software
  • Data collection starts at $15.99/mo per device

The monthly fee is for data collection like GPS, speed, fuel level, alerts, engine runtime, battery voltage etc. The software is free with basic reports. Monitoring device maybe purchased or leased.


$99per month
  • 1 Branch – 2 Users
  • Job site reporting
  • Share data with clients
  • 1 yr history log
  • Up to 25 products on site at any given time


$499per month
  • Includes Basic plan
  • 4 additional branches
  • 3 additional users per branch
  • Product transfer between branches
  • 125 additional products on site at any given time per branch


$999per month
  • Includes Standard plan
  • 5 additional branches
  • 5 additional users per branch
  • Advance fuel transparency
  • Advance Metrics
  • 150 additional products on site any given time per branch

Management Plans Include:
Management of equipment, clients, rental transactions, repairs, invoicing,
reporting, etc. (these plans can be used with or without data collection plans)

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