Data Collection

At RoviTracker, we pride ourselves at not only being capable of tracking the most amount of data of any data collection organization, but also the most important kinds of data. We are the best at collecting data from people, places, and things.

Out of Sight, Out of mind


So many of the assets that are important to you, and keep your business running and functional, go far beyond just location tracking of some of your equipment. RoviTracker believes that every aspect of your business is vital, and each asset is the key to your successful business running smoothly. With our data collection and tracking services, we can truly help you monitor the things that you usually don’t get to keep an eye on. Your equipment and data may be out of sight, but that doesn’t have to mean it is unmonitored. If you’ve ever had equipment or inventory go missing or damaged without any explanation, you can use RoviTracker data collection and bluetooth tracking to decrease downtime, as well as prevent unnecessary maintenance, up to 28%.


Easy to access data collection


Collecting data is one thing, but being able to access it at a moments notice is important to not only the success of your business, but also to your peace of mind. If you’re worried about a worksite, you can easily track it. Do you need to monitor your green space, to ensure there are proper humidity and fluid levels? What about property management? No matter what your business model, we can help you collect data and monitor everything easily. Our clients report that after using RoviTracker for their data collection and bluetooth tracking, that there was 10% less damage than previous years before utilizing our data collection and tracking services.




Our bluetooth tracking capabilities makes us a unique and valuable asset to your business. Using industrial bluetooth tags, placed in a wide variety of assets at a minimal cost, you’ll be provided with constant, real time updates on everything you may need, from people, to places, to things. With this bluetooth tracking, you’re also able to collect the data you need to refer back to if needed. If inventory goes missing, you can easily see where between point A and point B that it disappeared, being able to find this missing inventory efficiently, saving you both time and money. Over 80% of our clients say that, through using our bluetooth tracking, they no longer have to take unnecessary trips to check on their warehouse, inventory, or to check their rental equipment.